Outlines 2022 

Baltic Sea Championships Orimattila Finland 2022

Pre Cadets U15 - Cadets U17 - Juniors U20 - Seniors - Veterans



December - 3-6, 2022


 Orimattila Judo Club


Orimattila AREENA   Opintie 7B





+358 44 551 55 44


CompetitionMr. Tero Ronkko+358 44 551 5544terojudo@gmail.com
TransportationMrs. Jenni Hanhela+358 40 526 9453jenni.hanhela@gmail.com
AccomodationMr. Tero Ronkko+358 44 551 5544terojudo@gmail.com
Swedish infoMrs. Mia Heinonen+358 40 586 5868h2@netti.fi
Russian infoMrs. Lilia Blom+358 40 541 3508lilia.blom@elisanet.fi
Other languagesMrs. Marina Ronkko+358 44 540 4433marina.ronkko@gmail.com

 The schedule may be modified according to total number of entries and circumstances of competition.

Friday, december 2th           Accreditation and weight-in

12:00 - 18:00Transportation from Helsinki airport

Venue / Hotel

16:00 – 20:00Accreditation

Orimattila Areena

16:00 – 17:00Un-official weigh-in: Pre Cadets U15 and Juniors U20 and Veterans 

Orimattila Areena

17:00 – 18:00Official weigh-in: Pre Cadets U15 and Juniors U20 and Veterans

Orimattila Areena

17:00 - 19:00Warm Up area free to use

Orimattila Areena

Saturday, December 3th                                    

Competition day 1

08:00 - 12:00Additional Accreditation Day 1

Orimattila Areena

08:00 - 08:30Official weigh-in: Pre Cadets U15

Orimattila Areena

08:00 - 08:30Meeting of the referees

VIP room

08:30 - 08:45Pre Cadets U15 categories Draw

Orimattila Areena

08:45 - 09:00Opening Ceremony

Orimattila Areena

09:00 -Pre Cadets U15 Eliminations/Repechage/Finals

Orimattila Areena

11:00 - 12:00Official weigh-in Juniors and Veterans categories

Orimattila Areena

After Pre cadets finalsPre Cadets U15 medal ceremony with white judogi

Award area

12:15 - 12:30Juniors U20 and Veterans categories Draw

Orimattila Areena

At the earliest 12:30Juniors U20 Eliminations/Repechage/Finals

Orimattila Areena

After Juniors finalsJuniors U20 medal ceremony with white judogi

Award area

15:30 – 16:00Unofficial weigh-in: Cadets U17 and Seniors

Orimattila Areena

16:00 – 17:00Official weigh-in: Cadets U17 and Seniors

Orimattila Areena

At the earliest 15:00Veterans Eliminations/Repechage/FinalsOrimattila Areena
After Veterans finalsVeterans medal ceremony with white judogiAward area

Sunday, December 4th                   

Competition day 2

08:00 - 12:00Additional Accreditation Day 2

Orimattila Areena

08:00 - 08:30Official weigh-in: Cadets U17

Orimattila Areena

08:00 - 08:30Meeting of the referees

VIP room

08:30 - 08:45Cadets U17 Draw

Orimattila Areena

09:00 -Cadets U17 Eliminations/Repechage/Finals

Orimattila Areena

11:00 - 11:30Official weigh-in Seniors

Orimattila Areena

After Cadets finalsCadets U17 medal ceremony with white judogi

Award area

12:00 - 12:30Seniors categories Draw

Orimattila Areena

At the earliest 12:30Seniors Eliminations/Repechage/Finals

Orimattila Areena

After Seniors finalsSeniors medal ceremony with white judogi

Award area

Monday, December 5 th                                   

Baltic Sea Training Camp Day 1


10:00 / 14:00Baltic Sea Training Camp

Orimattila      Areena        

Tuesday, December 6 th

Baltic Sea Training Camp Day 2                         

09:00 / 13:00Baltic Sea Training Camp

Orimattila Areena

Competition Place

Sports Hall: Orimattila Areena

Address: Opintie 7B - 16300 Orimattila - FINLAND


12 years old and over (Born in 2010 and before)


Baltic Sea Championships is open for all EJU, AJU, JUA, OJU, PJC or IJF Member Federations. There is no limit in the number of participation for each weight category for the clubs.

Categories & Duration

U15 Pre Cadets girls: -32, -36, -40, -44, -48, -52, -57, -63, +63 kg

U15 Pre Cadets boys: -34, -38, -42, -46, -50, -55, -60, -66, +66 kg

U17 Cadets girls: -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, +70 kg

U17 Cadets boys: -50, -55, -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg

U20 Juniors women: -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, -78, +78 kg

U20 Juniors men: -55, -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, -100, +100 kg

Seniors women: -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, -78, +78 kg

Seniors men: -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, -100, +100 kg

Veteran womwns: F1-F9: -48 kg, -52 kg, -57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg, -78 kg, +78 kg

Veteran mens: M1 – M9: -60 kg, -66 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg, -90 kg, -100 kg, +100 kg

Duration: Pre cadets U15 and veterans 3 minutes, cadets U17, juniors U20 and seniors 4 minutes

- Golden Score: No time limit. Veterans: combination of series possible.

JUDOSHIAI Registration

All participants and delegates must be registered for this event to the organizer       

REGISTRATION:      terojudo@gmail.com


Deadline for Registration is Tuesday, 29 November 2022 



Visa Application: (with passport copies)                                01 NOV 2022

Hotel Reservation:                                                                        15 NOV 2022

Transport:                                                                                        15 NOV 2022

JUDOSHIAI Registration: Registration here  - Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Registration for referees: Competition pages                   Tuesday, 01 November 2022

Accreditation & Control of Nationality

Passports or photocopies of passports  from all competitors must be available if request (national ID Card showing nationality and date of birth or a copy is also accepted). Competition passport coming to competitors, coaches and referees. Y o u m u s t r e g i s t e r a l l  t h e  t e a m

Competition Mode

The competition will be conducted in accordance with the latest IJF Refereeing rules.

Competition systems according to number of participants: 6 and more entries: Double repechage

3,4,5 entries: Round robin

2 entries: better of 2 fights, if 1-1 the third match will decide


The draw will take place on Saturday and sunday before the age category starts.


Official weigh-in for each weight category is held the evening before the competition day or in the competition day morning (see program). If you compete both days, you can weight-in on Friday. Athletes must present their passport (National ID Cards showing nationality, photo and date of birth are also accepted).


Foreign referees with an international A/B license or a national A license are welcome. We offer accommodation and meals between competition days. Referees and coaches are welcome to the banquet on saturday.

The Referee Meeting will be held on saturday and sunday morning at 08:00 (see program). The attendance to the Referee meeting is strictly compulsory. Referees registration 

REFEREE registration deadline for referees: Tuesday, 29 December 2022




All coaches must fully adhere to the Code of Conduct for Judo Coaches.  Coaches need register to get coach passport – coaches registration

Dress code: National or club clothing accepted


Category 1: Hotel Kauppahotelli 

Address: Hämeenkatu 4. 15100 Lahti



1 person

65 €


             Double room

50 €

Distance from the Sports Hall: 20 min by vehicle

Hotel reservation deadline:     Sunday, 15 November 2022

Reserve Hotel room >>>

Category 2: Hostel Teltta - SOLD OUT

Address: Pakaantie 1, 16300 Orimattila -




      Nonstop meals

1 person

55 €


7,50 €

Double room

40 €

6-8 person

20 €

Distance from the Sports Hall: 8 min by walk

Hostel reservation deadline:     Sunday, 15 November 2022

Reserve Hostel room >>>


Airport: Helsinki Vantaa airport (HEL) – Helsinki – Lahti – Orimattila – Helsinki 

Transportation: Organizer will arrange transfers between the airport and the competition venue/hotel only for those who book accommodation through the organizer. Transportation is arranged for an additional fee. If participants need transportation, please fill travel form with all your travel details to the organizer not later than 15.11..2022. ORDER HERE



Kindly complete the payment for accommodation to our bank account: Name of bank:                Orimattilan Osuuspankki

Entry fee:    60 euros/categories for all competitors in all categories 

(inc. BTC 2022 two days randor camp). Only camp 10€/training

Bank address:                             Erkontie 16300 Orimattila

Account No. IBAN:                      IBAN FI 76 5308 0750 0050 33

BIC/SWIFT address:                   OKOYFIHH

Branch:                                           Orimattila Judo Club, Erkontie 23 A, 16300 Orimattila

Payment Title:                             Competitor + Club name + country

All bank fees and money transfer costs must be paid by the sender. If you take contact and you get agreement, you can pay your payment also straight to the organizer when you arrive.

Countries which cannot make bank transfers are entitled to pay in cash money upon arrival without any surcharge, if they inform the organizer and specify the number, names, and age of the participants before the hotel reservation deadline. In case of any damage to hotel property or competition venue caused by members of a delegation, their clubs will be charged by the organizing committee.

Judogi Control

Approved Judogi

All Judoka must compete white and blue judogi. Judogi sizes must be IJF rules, but not need be "red label" judogi. Back number recommended.

Pre cadet U15 and Veterans is allowed only white judogi.

Judogi Control

It will be operated with a Sokuteiki prior to the fight.


Backnumber recommended. Backnumber include surname and National Olympic Committee abbreviation. The backnumber can be ordered from www.mybacknumber.com or www.ijfbacknumber.com (Attention: production and delivery may take around 4 weeks). The SPONSOR part will be given to the head of delegation during registration, and the athletes can stick it themselves.

Responsibility of Federations/Teams

The competitors will compete under the full responsibility of their federations. Insurance: Each national federation/Clubs is responsible for insuring its competitors against “injury and third part risk (public liability)” during the period of the event. The organizer decline all responsibility.


Anti-doping tests might be executed according to the IJF MEDICAL AND ANTI-DOPING HANDBOOK. Testers can visit in the competition venue.


All photos and videos are at disposal of the organizer. All matches can be tracked live from the organizer's site www.orimattilanjudo.net and Facebook: Baltic Sea Championships


For nations that need VISA to enter to Finland, organizer will send an invitation to your team after your payment has arrived to the bank.

COVID-19 Rules

No corona restrictions.

Changes in the COVID-19 epidemic situation are still possible. For this reason, organizer recommends that all travelers traveling abroad receive full corona vaccination protection before traveling. All corona rules and news you will found link to corona rules