THE HOTTEST judocamp is coming again this summer to Orimattila - Artjarvi. There is an international and united atmosphere.

Last year there were over 300 judokas from more than 35 different clubs and 9 different countries.

This camp is for you - we have 3 different groups from 7-12, 13- 16 and U18 to seniors. So you can be a beginner or 6.dan black belt and you are warmly welcome.

THE CAMP starts on monday 7.7.2014 at 10:00 and is finished on Friday 11.7.2014 at 14:00. So it means 5 full days of Judo and also other activities like: gym, aerobics, dancing, swimming, ect.

The accomodation for you is at the school.

We offer you more than 550m2 of tatami area for training.

Judo Camp price:  185 euro and you will get:

  • Everyday at least two judo training - more than 550m2 dojo
  • Technical judo, randori, JudoBic, Spanish Stamina, Gym etc.
  • Spanish, Austrian, Russian, Estonian and Finnish styles of training
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and supper everyday
  • Really famous Crazy Judokas action track
  • Special program, Surprise program
  • In the Camp we have topjudokas from Finland, Estonia, Spain, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc...
  • Gym, canoeing, swimming, football tournament etc...



Spanish Judo profesor David Soriano 5.dan

Austrian JONEDO Judo CLub head coach Jouni Hietasola 4.dan

Spanish BBJ champion from Barcelona Tony Mendoza 2.dan

Spanish Judo champion Ivan Moreno 2.dan     

Alain Calderin Tito from Cuba 2.dan

Russian Vyborg Favorit judo club head coach Boris Kuznetcov 3.dan    

Top Finnish Judo Coach and Orimattila Judoclub coaches 

Pieros Leonidas CYP - Cypros Judo Coach and about 10 judokas from Cypros

European topjudokas U18 - U21 and juniors from Finland,

Russia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus



Camp registration from email and Camp price is 185 euroa (inc. T-Shirt)

BANK: Osuuspankki / IBAN:  FI76 5308 0750 0050 33 / BIC OKOYFIHH 


Information:    Tero Rönkkö  puh 044 551 55 44 tero.ronkko @


Orimattila Judo Club have the right to publish all the fotos and video from the camp